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A really clever, well produced animation, well done! I'll be sure to check out your website and I hope others do too :D

I love the artistic depth and emotion you've poured into this video, very well made ;) Haha seriously though, It IS Cowboy Time! :D

This video was really well animated and was so damn true! But, I am a sucker for all things limited so I can also relate to this is some weird way haha, I think you guys did a great job though, the voice acting was great the art was brilliant and the script was also brilliant, you guys should definitely keep making more!

Best of luck!

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I think this game is great, love the soundtrack and the voice acting is heart-warming, overall, this game is one of my favorite games on Newgrounds, I'd love to see a sequel if possible!

It's a great platformer but it's a little cookie cutter, however, you have pulled off a great game and it could have been even better, had it been a little bit more imaginative.
+Very pretty
+Fitting music
+Well made
-Could have been more imaginative
-Could have had more varied scenery

Overall I enjoyed it a lot but it did feel a little repetitive due to a lack of diverse mechanics and similar scenery throughout. I'd definitely play it again sometime though! :D Keep up the great work!

The ladder mechanic is a great idea, although I would put jumping in the game to make traversing over smaller obstacles less of a chore, overall a stunning and extremely fun game though, if it gets green-lit I'll definitely pick this up :D Great Work!

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I love it! Brings back some good memories I had playing Animal Crossing! :D Keep up the stunning work! ^_^


Reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus, which is fucking awesome by the way :D

Carrion responds:

Woo! Shadow of the Colossus is the butts!!!

(Previously BraveWorks) Haven't updated in a while! Coming back was like opening a time capsule! Still working away on games! If you need music or art, hit me up!

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